Our purpose is to develop a European project around the concept of gaze, in an approach applying simultaneously on the theoretical research and the choreographic perspective.

It will bring together artists, researchers and structures from various countries, in order to enhance the networking of their skills and practices. It aims to be a blooming factor for exchanges, confrontations and experiments, a true laboratory where multiple views come to life.

In the current context of European crisis, it seems important to reinforce our bounds, to look for news forms of collaboration and interaction. In this perspective, we need to learn how to bear a new look on our neighbours and their cultures. The European dimension is indeed a very strong indicator in that questioning. Our proposition about gazing appears then essential for the making of a real intercultural dialogue.

Would it be possible to consider gazing in dance as another form of dialogue between different cultures and between European citizens?

Gazing and Dancing will materialize by six performances shown in five European cities, preceded by other brief performances in Zagreb, Vitry-sur-Seine, and Budapest.

There will be a permanent team participating to all the events, gathering nine artists: three artists from each co-organizer country. Between each event, they will develop the work they realized together, and elaborate new bases for the next.

L’objectif principal de Gazing and Dancing (Voir et danser) est de créer une plateforme européenne de recherche et de création autour de la question du regard en danse et dans le spectacle vivant. La danse fonctionne comme un excellent outil de dialogue. Mille Plateaux Associés (France), Zagreb Culture Centre (Croatie), et Kortars Tancert (Hongrie) se réuniront dans une approche résolument interculturelle afin de développer des approches pratiques et théoriques de ce thème du regard.



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