A mechanical piece


Creation 2009

Conception, choreography : Geisha Fontaine et Pierre Cottreau
Arts conception : Dominique Blais,
Audio creation : Damien Mingus,
Lights : Arnaud Koseleff,
Technical support : Charles-Edouard Maisonabe
Digital Programmation : David Olivari, Stéphanie Le Fresne, Maël Teillant,
Conception of the robots : Matthieu Audejean, Delphine Dupuy, Charles-Edouard Maisonabe,
Dancers : Alexandre Da Silva et Laurie Peschier-Pimont


To the question “What is dance?” the dancer Loïe Fuller answers: “movement”. Playing with this statement, Geisha Fontaine and Pierre Cottreau reverse the choreographic composition process by simultaneously applying it to a “mechanical Corps de ballet” and two dancers. They are interested in what dance can develop in this confrontation between the presence of the dancers on the stage and the moving objects. The artist Dominique Blais has designed an ensemble of scenic sculptures for the project. The black-and-white objects, equipped with kinetic effects, also have their own sound score and create a spatialization of the musical composition through their movement. The digital technologies that are used extend the traditional underlying role of the performer in a confusing encounter with the objects. Une pièce mécanique is a work on watching, the dream of a walking, tactile spectator. This is a subtle connection with the time, the duration and the details on the stage, an invitation to get involved in the gliding of an object, of a body, of a gesture. The work plays with matter and physicality, with the potentiality of the stage and opens the eyes for movement without points of reference.


Coproduction : Centre national de la Danse – Pantin (création en résidence), Biennale de Danse du Val-de-Marne / CDC, Ville de Champigny-sur-Marne,
With support from : Ministère de la culture et de la communication / Dicréam ; Conseil général du Val-de-Marne ; Ville de Paris ; ADAMI, Mains d’œuvres (Saint-Ouen) ; l’Etoile du Nord (Paris) ; micadanses (Paris).