Conferences at the Pavillon Carré de Baudouin (2024)

Four conferences about dance, at the Pavillon Carré de Baudouin, in Paris (20th arrondissement), on:

Tuesday February 6, 2024: A dance performance? What are the stakes?

Dance is a living art, achieved thanks to the body in movement. Some choreographers consider movement to be the primary material of dance, others use it in the service of a theme, still others blur the boundaries between the arts… What is at stake in a dance performance? What perceptions does a dance performance rely on? Must it necessarily “say” something?

Tuesday March 5, 2024: Choreographic composition

The way in which a choreographic creation is structured is decisive. There are multiple ways of constructing dance, for example by composing in fragments, or in a linear development, or by relying on chance or repetition… Various compositional processes will be discussed, with particular emphasis on the organization of a performance in the time of the representation.

Tuesday April 2, 2024: Dance and the other arts

What relationships does dance have with the other arts? What makes it unique? What influences can we identify between different artistic fields? Choreographers frequently work with composers, visual artists, writers and others. What forms of collaboration do they favor?

Tuesday May 28, 2024: Space in dance, space of dance

Space is a major feature of dance. First, we will look at the uses of space in choreographic creation. We will then look at the places where we see dance, and the interactions between these places and the performances that are offered there. We will travel from an Italian-style auditorium to a garden, from the street to an airport runway, from a museum to a swimming pool, given the wide variety of dance spaces to be found.

All conferences are illustrated with excerpts from videos of shows.

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