Geisha Fontaine, , éditions micadanses, 2008.

Foreword (Christophe Martin)

Geisha Fontaine’s second book examines the condition of physical deployment: space. The one who published on time questions this other foundation. Micadanses, in these places, in these differences, in its shimmering diversity and where dance gives itself, where it sometimes seems tolerated, theatres, serve as a base for her remarks and arranged sensations. Emotional ballad in the land of movement.

A detour is also devoted to the latest creation by Mille Plateaux Associés: Une pièce mécanique. A way of waving to this ballet for multiple robots and two dancers, which is undoubtedly a fine milestone in the work of Geisha Fontaine and Pierre Cottreau.

Finally, as with the previous book, two tributes are paid to figures of dance, in order to take time, and space too, as a book is a succession of white surfaces. Pina, of course, and Laurence Louppe too.

is the very material of the medium, of the everyday of dance, its substrate, its subjectile and its memory.

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