Jumping at night (1001 jumps for the 6b)

Sauter la nuit (1001 sauts pour le 6b)

Concept: Geisha Fontaine, Pierre Cottreau.
With: Geisha Fontaine, Clémence Galliard and Ioannis Michos.
Duration: 20 minutes

This performance took place on Saturday October 1st 2016 at the 6b, Saint-Denis.

The performance Sauter la nuit (1001 sauts pour le 6b) brings together three dancers who experiment with 1001 ways of jumping, of going to the other side, of crossing horizontality and verticality to get somewhere else.

It is conceived as a game of suspensions and releases over a demarcation line, a frontier that the dancers persist in crossing relentlessly. This performance plays on insistence, repetition and excess. It is an inexorable mechanism, an ever-equal power that pushes the performers to constantly risk crossing.

Abstract allegory of passage and transport, Sauter la nuit (1001 sauts pour le 6b) relies on the physics of momentum to take the plunge.

Creating an abundance from what is fleeting. There is something elusive in the leap that gives it its strength, like a firework, a shooting star, pleasure. We would like it to last, but as soon as we feel it, it is already gone.

With support from: Région Ile-de-France, Le 6b (Saint-Denis)

Creation: 2016

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