Conception: Geisha Fontaine and Pierre Cottreau
With: Alexane Albert, Simon Feltz, Clémence Galliard, Anthony Roques
Light creation: Rima Ben Brahim
Sound management: Guillaume Emptoz
Costume consultant: Alice Dupraz-Toulouse

Jump constantly, fall back to the ground to be able to bounce again, throw the body upwards restlessly, try to land on it, land, start over.

Geisha Fontaine and Pierre Cottreau’s creative process is fuelled by the question of time and duration.
Saltare is an intense game with this fleeting moment where the dancer is between sky and earth. Jump, jump again, like an affirmation, throw yourself into the flow of time to create rhythms, bursts, breaks, music …

The jump is one of the emblematic figures of choreographic language. The nomenclature seems endless: saut de chat, de biche, de l’ange, de basque, royal, pas de cheval, temps levé, échappé, assemblé, ballonné, ballotté, gargouillade, soubresaut, sissonne, jeté, grand jeté, jeté battu, temps de flèche, butterfly, galop, gambade, skip, barrel jump, etc. Each dancer in the piece created their own repertoire of jumps, known but also invented. Impossible jumps, imagined, backwards, or even upside down.

There is something elusive about the jump that makes it strong, like fireworks, shooting stars, enjoyment. We would like it to last but barely perceived, already gone.

Ride. Ride, day, night, day. Ride. Still and always.
R.M. Rilke