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Various Mille Plateaux Associés creation are currently touring :

10 Danses

10 Danses is a danced conference created after the exibition “La danse contemporaine en questions” (CND/Institut français), for which Geisha Fontaine was the scientific adviser. Thought like a happy trail trough nine steps with diverse themes, it is a journey in the various styles and means of the choreographical creation. Geisha Fontaine uses, for example, the notions of body, technique or link to the world, with hunger and generosity.

With : Geisha Fontaine.

Ne faites pas la moue #1, #2, #3

Three episodes of our great series on the couple dance – philosophy. Philochoreosography? Choreophilograsophy? This performance favours meetings between Parmenide, Spinoza or Nietzsche, by means of some footwork. Philosophical and choreographical characters bounce the ball from one field to another. However, it isn’t football. Geisha Fontaine, choreographer and doctor in philosophy of art, joyfully seizes the strange attractions between dance and philosophy. Words and movements complement and support each other, letting dance and words resonate. It addresses different themes, prancing from the 8th century BC to today.

With : Geisha Fontaine

Espaces en mouvements

Espaces en mouvement is a space of encounter between place, architecture and dance. That choregraphical performance was created in 2018 at the Pavillon français of the International biennale of architecture in Venice. It echoes to the name of the Biennale : FreeSpace, and the one of the Pavillon français exibition : infinite places. In addition to that, it mixes real space with creative, poetical, dancing or even political spaces. It offers to navigate between individual spaces and a collective body that unfolds, creates lignes, masses and volumes.

With : Geisha Fontaine, Julie Galopin, Alexandre Théry.

Millibar, une ritournelle chorégraphique

In this show that links cinematographic and choreographical creations, the choreographers use a “little dance” and question its becoming during various years. Twenty-five years, one same dance, one same person in various places : how do other dancers use these movements today ?

With : Geisha Fontaine, Clémence Galliard, Julie Galopin, Alexandre Théry and the participation of Pierre Cottreau.

Musique live : Jean-Baptiste Doulcet

Création lumière : Rima Ben Brahim