Ne faites pas la moue

Ne faites pas la moue (Do not pout in English) is our grand series about the dance-philosophy couple. It will be broken down into five episodes. It will be completed by early 2025.

Philochoreosography? Choreophilograsophy?

These performances encourage meetings between Parmenide, Spinoza, Nietzsche and many others, by means of some footwork.

Philosophical and choreographic characters bounce the ball from one field to another. However, it isn’t football.

Geisha Fontaine, choreographer and doctor in philosophy of art, joyfully seizes the strange attractions between dance and philosophy. Words and movements complement and support each other, letting dance and words resonate. It addresses different themes, prancing from the 8th century BC to today.

Put an end to this opposition of thought/emotion, intelligence/enjoyment, analysis/instinct. Long live the thinking body! Long live the critical body! And the political body. The philosophical body. The dancing body.

The five episodes deal with beloved dancing philosophers (#1), thought-provoking movements (#2), women philosophers (#3), Nature, a recurring reference in dance and philosophy (#4), and the political body (#5).