Millibar – the movie

The project consists in filming that sequence, a « choreographical ritornello », for as long as I can dance it. G Fontaine.

Millibar is an evolutive choreographical movie, for which the idea was born in 1998.

It is filming a same dance sequence at least once a year, outside, in different places. The dance sequence is interpreted by the dancer and choreographer Geisha Fontaine, and lasts about forty seconds. It is filmed with a Super 8 camera by the cineast Pierre Cottreau.

The shots are then selected, transfered in videos and cut to constitute a short choreographical film.

This project could be a sort of touring as it is about doing the same proposition in different moments and places. But it is not, because of the dance’s duration, its interpretation in public places without programming it before and its recording on film (wich usually implies several takes).

The repetition of the same sequence becomes the occasion of a bigger attention to what is around the dancer. The presence and the attitude og those who watch her influence her interpretation. She has to pay attention to the others, sometimes one meter away from her, and sometimes to bikes, cars and other vehicules. She concentrates on the quality of the movements, but also on the atmopshera if the place : people, light, sounds, architecture, landscape, etc.

If the sequence stays the same, the context changes everytime : very busy streets of Madras of Le Caire, deserted construction site in Beyrouth, public garden of Figueres, crossing of Vanves, empty of Kyoto, crowd of Tokyo, etc. The seasons also change. With this short film, the spectator watches many times the same little dance, in places more or less exotic, with witnesses that are always different.

Watching Millibar, it is also watching before who watch the dance.

This project has been motivated by the curiosity of what a little dance would become over several years.

It is a game with the image as a dance souvenir and as a trip souvenir. It is about crossing the souvenir of a unique moment and the insistance of a dance moment aimed at being done again until the very last limit : the body incapable of dancing.

The choreographical ritornello is something stubborn in time, an irreversible.

Man is an irreversible in bones and flesh ! Man is an irreversible embodied.

Vladimir Jankélévitch – L’Irréversible et la Nostalgie.