Les 100 Mots de la danse

The 100 words of dance

Les 100 Mots de la danse, Paris : PUF-Humensis – Que sais-je? – Réédition 2023

The 100 words of dance presents this art in many facets by traversing its spaces and times. The book exposes the essential parameters of dance while focusing on its unexpected. The movement, the body, the choreographic creation are approached through the multiplicity of the forms identifiable in dance and the aesthetic currents which underlie it. From a 17th century treatise to random composition processes, from the stage presence of the performer to the “gargouillade”, “cat jump”, “sissonne” of classical ballet, from improvisation to repetition, the words that dance implements are thus explored. Their choice is based on the history of this art, its techniques, its challenges and its modes of composition, but also its representations in society and in the other arts. The resonances and bounces from term to term create an internal choreography in the book, step by step, word for word.

First edition published on June 13, 2018
at PUF, collection Que sais-je?
Second edition in March 2023

Price: 10 euros

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