Sliding gazes

That session was dedicated to the bounds between the multiple processes of creating and gazing.

It was rely on the different protocols of creation adopted by several artists to discern what form of gaze they privilege. Choreographers, dancers, an artist and a dance theoretician will associate to build a common protocol from their practices. The project team will experiment that protocol. Twelve students of the dance department of the University of Paris VIII will be invited to share the experience. They will write a text, two by two, confronting their own looks on what they will have done and witnessed. We will find once again [M2] the questions around the terminology of gaze, enriched for the circumstance by the approach of a visual artist.

The issue will be to appropriate the visions of other artists and to look for the differences and how they move, shift and change one’s own practice. It won’t be about doing something according to one or another, but to introduce an unusual element in one’s approach.

Some brief performances will be given in the venue.

Furthermore, before the final performance, the play “Les yeux dans les yeux” will be shown on Thursday night.

On Saturday, before the show, a workshop around gaze will be animated for sixteen inhabitants of the neighbourhood, followed by a round table moderated by a dance journalist.

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