10 dances

10 danses

10 danses

Danced Conference

Conception and interpretation : Geisha Fontaine, Pierre Cottreau

Production : Mille Plateaux Associés, Centre National de la danse

10 Danses is an invitation to dance. This choreographical performance is a happy trail in nine steps with various themes. It is conceived from the exibition « La danse contemporain en questions » (produced by the Centre national de la danse and the Institut Français), for which Geisha Fontaine has been the scientific adviser, and she co-directed the brochure.

During this journey in the multiple styles and means of choreographical creation, Geisha Fontaine uses, with hunger and generosity, various notions on which the creation in dance leans.

Which body ? Which show ? Which movement ? Which technique ? Which relation to the world ? Which link to other arts ? Which life for the art works ? And tomorow ?

Creation : 2019