I am not an artist

Concept and choreography : Geisha Fontaine and Pierre Cottreau.
Music: Joachim Latarjet, Bertrand Groussard, Stéphane Laporte, Damien Poncet, Raphaël Seguin.
Lights: Arnaud Koseleff.
Films: Pierre Cottreau.
Scenography: Constantin Alexandrakis.
Costumes: Emmanuelle Nizou

With: Around 60 volunteers
Dancers: Julien Andujar, Albane Aubry, Matthieu Bajolet, Orin Camus, François Chaignaud, Wendy Cornu,Vincent Dupont, Vincent Druguet, Max Fossati, Giuga, Laurence Louppe, David Monceau, Simon Nemeth, Annabelle Pulcini, Maxence Rey, Bérangère Roussel, Agnieszka Ryszkiewicz, Jesus Sevari, Alexandre da Silva
Music, singing (live): Alexandra Fleischer, Frédéric Fleischer, Joachim Latarjet et Bertrand Groussard, Stéphane Laporte, Damien Poncet

What is a beautiful movement? And what would be the most beautiful movement possible? I am not an artist is a contemporary odyssey on the notion of beauty, a historical reference for art undermined by modernity. During a whole night, a team of dancers, singers and musicians, accompanied by many guests, sets out in search of beauty. Combining dance, video, song and living music, this twelve hour soap opera is a beautiful escape from the agendas, an experience of time and duration.

Coproduction : Faits d’Hiver – Danses d’Auteurs, Ville de Champigny-sur-Marne, CCN Grenoble Jean-Claude Gallotta.
With the support of : Conseil général du Val-de-Marne, Conseil général de la Seine-Saint-Denis, Région Ile-de-France, ADAMI, SPEDIDAM, Beaumarchais/SACD, Point éphémère/Paris et Mains d’œuvres.