You are the dancer

Tu es le danseur

Tu es le danseur

Geisha Fontaine, Tu es le danseur, éditions micadanses, 2008.

Foreword (Christophe Martin)

With this collection of texts, Geisha Fontaine offers us a sensitive and intellectual approach to dance. The theoretician does not abdicate before the writer. And the sensitive is glad to wander alongside a thoughtful vision of dance. A humanist discourse? A willingness in any case to combine what characterises her: the practitioner choreographer and dancer, and the active, publishing intellectual. You know that sought-after harmony but which is so frightening: a thinking body / a thought in the body.

Within the micadanses project, is expressed this idea of a powerful, complete, energetic and smiling culture that does not shy away from trials, successes and, sometimes, delays, a culture that embraces both knowledge of the body and intellectual knowledge. The writer-in-residence embodies this objective (as do the reflection days).

Geisha Fontaine, in a kind of Rêveries du danseur solitaire (Reveries of the solitary dancer), reflects on dance, on those who live it, who make it, in a tender but precise languor. It is also a discourse in love.