The Disappearance – a few words

Conception and choreography: Geisha Fontaine and Pierre Cottreau
With: Geisha Fontaine

Y.A. : Do you have a title for the next book?
M.D. : Yes, the book to disappear.
Marguerite Duras, No more

Like kids, hide, show themselves, one moment on the stage, and the next moment farthest from oneself.

The second that passes, the body-to-body from one minute to the next, that is what dance is — maybe. Looking for time to lose, to take, to enjoy. Not to be a single identity, to become ephemeral natures, similar to existence.
In ancient China, disappearance is nothing more than: not being visible. Exit the melancholy, it dances.

Sometimes floats this perfume of time, memory, trace, prancing remembrance. I often wonder if dance is not rich in what it leaves behind. It is both a luxury and a vertigo.

Funny thing to dance.

It’s scattered notes, the very beginning of this stage thing. But it comes from much further back…

Some excerpts from the book Dances of time written in 2001:

Let that arm drop and let it be both insignificant and indispensable.

Nietzsche in the ear:
Greetings to those who create new dances,
Let us therefore dance a thousand kinds.
Let our art be said free.
And our gay science.

There are elusive, living dancing bodies that propose, propose themselves, perhaps only achieve that: propose themselves.
Just a snapshot.