A mobile art, dance from 1950 to this days

Un art mobile, la danse de 1950 à nos jours

Danced conference

This journey through 70 years of dance history is conceived as a choreographic suitcase to take with you to a desert island: which choreographers should you choose as companions? This is the (impossible) challenge taken up by Geisha Fontaine. She chose seven choreographers, one for each decade since 1950, to compose a choreographic landscape, a mobility of contemporary dance, an invitation to travel through time in seven moments-movements…

Alternating dances, words and images, this danced conference is both funny and instructive. It makes the art of dance and its contexts resonate. It invites each spectator to navigate from one choreographic style to another, from one era to another, from a memory to a discovery.

Geisha Fontaine is a dancer and dance researcher, she is also joyful and generous and is happy to share this journey with each spectator.

Creation at Trident – scène nationale de Cherbourg, 8 february 2019

Conception: Geisha Fontaine & Pierre Cottreau

Interpretation: Geisha Fontaine

Duration: 1 h