Thousand rounds

Mille rondes

It’s winter. In a photo by Mario Giacomelli, we see the shapes spinning, the play of contrasts. Thousand rounds.

This creation seizes on the material of 100 Words for a Dance. It retains the circle and the insistence, but its stakes differ. Here, the choreographers examine the struggles linked to an era, asking in particular what has become of the idea of “revolution” today. Today’s struggles are very much present, and can be found in a variety of fields, but they take on specific forms that call into question our relationship with politics. Does the idea of revolution just go round in circles? In 1977, Marguerite Duras wrote in Le Camion: “Toute révolution, impossible” [Any revolution, impossible]. Where does this statement stand today?

What are the gaps and encounters between those who were twenty in the 1970s and those who are twenty today? Is this question at all relevant?
A contemporary sound creation will be associated with music from the 1970s. The present and the yesterday, bodies in presence and accents of the past…

Concept and choreography: Geisha Fontaine, Pierre Cottreau
Interpretation: Geisha Fontaine, Julie Galopin, Clémentine Lugar
Coproductions and support (ongoing): Région Île-de-France, Département du Val-de-Marne, Ville de Champigny-sur-Marne, micadanses (Paris), Le 6b (Saint-Denis)

Ongoing creation – 2025

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