Geisha Fontaine & Pierre Cottreau

Geisha Fontaine is a choreographer, performer and dance researcher. She started training in ballet and then contemporary dance, with Merce Cunningham and Alwin Nikolaïs in New York, and Hideyuki Yano in Paris. She has been dancing for various dance companies before founding Mille Plateaux Associés with Pierre Cottreau in 1998. In 2010, Geisha Fontaine received an artistic and research grant for Japan from the French Institute – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture.

She has a PhD in Philosophy of Art from the University Paris – Pantheon Sorbonne. She wrote Les danses du temps, published by Centre National de la Danse in 2004. The book has been translated in Spanish and published in Argentina, and it will soon be translated and published in Japan as well. She took part in several research programs (CNRS – Centre national de la Recherche scientifique, Université de Lille et Valenciennes) since 1993. She participates in several edited volumes, including Editions du CNRS, writes articles in various journals and holds conferences. She is invited to give seminars by different universities in France and other countries (Argentina, Chile, Japan, etc.). She also collaborates with Centre National de la Danse on the development of the choreographic culture.

After graduating from the FEMIS (French state film school), Pierre COTTREAU was a director and a cinematographer. He worked on several feature films. He also participated in a program of video research, driven by Dominique Bagouet and Charles Picq, and works on the possible links between moving image and dance. He also studied Art History and is engaged in an experiment around the image and film at the crossroads of several artistic fields: film, dance and photography. Working with Geisha Fontaine since the creation of Mille Plateaux Associés, he conceives with her the various choreographic projects for the company. He is also director of the different films produced by Mille Plateaux Associés.